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Business Startup & Training Courses

TITLE: Practical Gunsmithing Course

TRT: 6hrs 30min  Produced by Kaleidoscope for A.G.I.

This course covers all of the most common repairs and modifications.  Your video course instructor is Master Gunsmith Robert Dunlap.  He has over 40yrs of gunsmithing experience and has taught college gunsmithing courses for more than 30yrs. He will teach you to perform the following: Install bead sights on shotguns, Repair damaged screws, Repair broken & cracked stocks, Install sling swivels, Glass bed rifle actions, Install recoil pads, Fit pistol and rifle magazines, Remove dents from shotgun barrels, Red-ramp sight installation, Chamber polishing, Slug & cast bores to determine condition or caliber,Repair damaged .22 LR chambers, mount scopes and perform collamation, Professional gun cleaning tricks, tips & techniques, Grind screw drivers to fit properly for gunsmithing.YOU WILL ALSO LEARN: How to properly set up your shop, which tools you need to get first and over a dozen other topics.  This course is equal to a semester or more of gunsmithing school and is an ideal first step towards getting started in the firearms repair business. Get started today! This course comes with tools, workbook, testing, certification & over 6hrs of video instruction.

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TITLE: How to Buy Gold at Half Price
TRT: 4hours 30min
Produced for Catco by Kaleidoscope

Double Your Money Buying & Selling Gold...
No Matter What the Price of Gold is!  Now YOU can learn  how to buy gold at half price. Use it to make money, hedge  against inflation or just to have your own stash of the world’s  most sought after commodity. Gold will always hold its value  even when currency fails. You can double your money (or more) on each ounce of gold you buy, after you learn how  to use the secrets of the pawn brokers and goldsmiths.

We teach you every step in the process, from testing the  gold to making the buy.  You’ll learn the same methods used  by jewelers and goldsmiths to evaluate gold. We also teach  you how to find customers and how to work the sale. 

This course comes complete with all the tools, measuring and testing equipment, a guide book and contact information for major gold refiners. You can earn back the cost of the course on your FIRST buy! Its so easy anyone can do it.  We will show you how to rapidly convert the gold you buy, into cash and at a substantial profit. Work full or part time. Get in on an exclusive business opportunity before someone else mines the gold in YOUR neighborhood.  

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