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How-to & Instructional Videos

Telephone Taps & Room Bugs,
 How They’re Done & How to Defeat Them

TRT: 60min  Produced by Kaleidoscope for E.P.P.I.

 Learn the secrets of tapping & bugging any room.
We demonstrate all types of taps & bugs
including the super tiny ones. We also show you step-by-step, how to use the latest debugging equipment to sweep a room for taps and bugs.  Now you can learn all the techniques to protect your privacy from being invaded. Instructor Gene Kelly, has over 15 years of experience in the professional security business. He will show youhow and where telephone taps are installed and he will also teach you the proper methods for conducting a sweep and a hard search to rid any room of bugs or taps. 


Now Mr. Kelly shares this information with you so you can be CERTAIN there is no threat to your home or office.Learn the inside secrets to the world of spying with taps and bugs today.  

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TITLE: The Israeli Instinctive Shooting Method
TRT: 60min 
Produced for E.P.P.I by Kaleidoscope

Learn to shoot FAST & safe, with deadly precision. This technique was created to keep you alive, when you live in a world where anyone at any time can turn into your enemy.  You can use this technique for competition, self defense or law enforcement.  This fast-moving course will teach you the same methods that are used for daily survival by the special forces units in Israel. The method is based on instinctive body movements. You will learn how to properly confront a threat, draw a concealed weapon, chamber a round and fire, all in less than a second!  The step-by-step process makes it easy to learn the Instinctive Shooting Method plus, Special Forces instructor Jack Bargoria will teach you the secrets of good peripheral vision, how to reduce your silhouette and tactics for confronting multiple threats. This course was filmed entirely on location in Israel.

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