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Airplanes & Flying

TITLE: The Exciting World of Kit Aircraft Volume I
TRT: 60min. Produced by: Kaleidoscope and Ruiz & Associates, 1997

Enter the exciting world of kit-built aircraft!!
Watch how easy it is to build & fly your very own airplane.
This exciting video features footage of 19 different aircraft.

along with a close look at how to put each kit together.
There is a little of everything, from hi-speed fiberglass seaplanes,
and hi-performance mini-jets, to powered parachutes and ultralights.

Use this video to shop for the type of plane you might want to build or
JUST FOR PURE ENTERTAINMENT!! We promise, you'll see
planes you've never seen before! Includes a list of the manufacturer's, just in case. There is NOTHING ELSE LIKE THIS VIDEO OUT THERE, so order your copy today!!   [Click Here For Pricing...]

TITLE: The Last Great Airshow of the 20thCentury
"Napa Valley Airshow 1999"

TRT: 60min. Produced by: Kaleidoscope Productions, 1999

Now YOU get a front row seat at the "Last Great Airshow
of the 20th Century!" It has EVERYTHING from Eddy Andrini's
classic aerobatics, wing walking and upside-down ribbon cutting,
to the modern SHOWCOPTERS stunt helicopter team, the Migs & the world's largest U.S. Flag parachute stunt.

INTERVIEWS with the performers! Fly-bys by an F-86 and
a Grumman Albatross, hundreds of static display aircraft,
military demos of an F-15 and a KC-135 Supertanker,
a precision stunt kite-flying team and many more!

WARNING! THIS IS NOT AN ORDINARY AIRSHOW VIDEO, it features EXCLUSIVE AIR-TO-AIR VIDEO of most of the performers, shot by the "Showcopters"!!   [Click Here For Pricing...]

TITLE: Flying California: The Gold Coast & San Francisco
TRT: 35min. Produced by: Kaleidoscope Productions, 1998

A gorgeous flight down the scenic Northern California Coastline.
Starting at Bodega Bay and traversing Point Reyes, Drake's Bay
and Stinson Beach, then out to the Farallon Islands. Back to the
Golden Gate and then down the coast to the notorious Devil's Slide
and on to a landing at Half Moon Bay. But if that's not enough...

The video concludes with a breathtaking slow flight over
the Cliff House, Sutro Baths, Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz,
DOWNTOWN San Francisco and the Bay Bridge, first, in the

orange glow of sunset and then AT NIGHT!! Great visibility and
smooth air makes it seem as if YOU are actually flying down the rugged coastline & over the top of the skyscrapers!

The video is paced so it moves right along but is not rushed, allowing plenty of time to enjoy the sights along the way. The entire video features a variety of relaxing music, so let your cares take flight! Once again folks, THIS IS A KALEIDOSCOPE EXCLUSIVE!! You won't find it anywhere else.   [Click Here For Pricing...]

TRT: 30min
Produced by Kaleidoscope Productions, 1995

Jump out of an airplane with four friends on their
first-ever skydive!! This video really puts YOU
right in the action,
thanks to the talents of the camera
people from Skydance Skydiving in Davis, California.

Find out just what it looks and feels like to skydive,
as you follow each of the four friends through the
training class and right out of the plane! Each one tells
exactly what it was like as they took to the sky for the first time.

Includes footage of record setting group jumps and takes you through the process of getting licensed. By the end you'll be itching to jump out of a perfectly good airplane!   [Click Here For Pricing...]

TITLE: How to Take Great Aerial Photos, for Fun & Profit
TRT: 96min.
BONUS VIDEO: An Actual Aerial Photo Flight.
TRT: 23min.

Produced by: Ruiz & Associates and Kaleidoscope Productions, 1992

Start earning $500 per hour taking aerial photos.
This is the ONLY video-based training course in Aerial Photography.
You only need a 35mm SLR camera and this course to get started.
Learn the tips & tricks
from Ron Ruiz, a pro who's been in the business for years. He'll be your
guide, as he takes you step-by-step through everything from choosing
equipment and types of film, to weather, types of aircraft and shot angles,
Everything you need to know, all on video! The course comes with software and book supplements on everything from finding clients, to staying in hotels for FREE! Click on the link below for pricing and detailed information. Money-back guarantee.
[Show me more information and pricing]

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