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Tip of the month: Video can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars...

You can use video to save hundreds, even thousands of dollars in marketing costs, especially if you are a manufacturer who sells goods primarily to distributors, wholesalers, retailers or restaurants like most of the wineries in the Napa Valley.

You can use video to inform and update your reps and distributors and retailers of your latest product changes, new products, specials, policy changes, etc.


By using video you can insure that they all get the same message AND they all SEE the new products, procedures, etc. instead of just describing things or using only still photographs. It will be like having all of your retailers, distributors or reps attend a conference where you discuss and show each one of them your latest new information and products, one on one, up close and personal!


This type of video can be extremely simple to produce. A 15-20 minute finished video often costs only $250 to $500 to produce and the finished copies only cost around $7 each (including postage to send them!). When you spread the cost over an entire group (lets say 25 reps) then it ends up being only about $27 each to deliver your message with pictures and sound just like they attended a personal conference with you. You can easily spend that much in phone/fax costs contacting many different individuals or you can spend even more putting on a training conference and bringing them all to your location!!


No! Its as simple as putting together a training presentation and then having us tape it, live. Of course since its video, if you flub up we can start over from that part and remove the mistake. In the end you get a short, personal presentation on video for only the cost of the location shoot and the editing time!! We can get fancy of course if you wish and add lots of different locations and title sequences and music, etc. But then it starts to cost more money... but if we keep it simple and to-the-point, you get a personal message across to a large group and they all receive the same information and get the best seat in the house to see training procedures, tips and products.


No! You put together the presentation and schedule with us, we come out and shoot it in a couple of hours. Then add a few days to edit it together and make the copies you need and violla! within 5 days you have your information on its way to all those people, BEST OF ALL... they can watch it again and again to review procedures, memorize or refresh themselves on detailed information!!

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