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Cars & Racing

TITLE: The 1986 ALCAN 5000 Rally
TRT: 28min
Produced by Kaleidoscope Productions, 1986

5,500 miles across Canada and Alaska...
in only ten days. SNOW, RAIN, MUD, ICE, FOG,
and potholes,
you name it, it all happens on one of the
longest rallies in the world. Rallying at its grueling best!
Ride along with Keith and Chris in car 24 as they attempt
to compete AND film the rally at the same time!

Join our first time rally-ers as they set out from Bellvue,
Washington and begin the long journey across Alberta,
British Columbia, the Yukon Territory and Alaska
in their mid-engined, 1976 Lancia Beta Scorpian.

Considered underdogs and not even expected to finish the race, follow their journey through some of the North’s most beautiful and unforgiving terrain, all the way to the finish line at the 1986 World’s Fair in Vancouver Canada. Along the way, watch what happens as mistakes are made and Mother Nature begins to take her toll on many of the intrepid rallyers, including world rally champion John Buffum, Autoweek writer Sach Carlson and a 29ft. motor home nicknamed "Rocky." [Click Here For Pricing...]

TRT: 11min
by Kaleidoscope Productions, 1983

Turnabout" is an award-winning short film
produced by Kaleidoscope, way back in 1983. It is a
fictional short story of a would-be race driver and a
mystery driver who get into a
hair-raising car chase.

Watch as Kurt tries to charm his way into the heart of
his date Emily and to convince her that he was really
the "good guy" in this duel of nerves and driving skill.

"Turnabout" was shot entirely on location on the
scenic back-roads of the beautiful Napa
The exciting car chase and the
"Twilight Zone" surprise ending will have you watching it again!
[Click Here For Pricing...]

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